Shin's Music Clean Boost

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Shin's Music Clean Drive 
The Clean Drive by Shin’s Music Tokyo.  The origin of the clean drive was created over 20 years ago. The clean drive is a magical stomp box that works wonders on so many rigs.  If you need to add some sparkle to a dark rig…Clean Drive.  If you need to hit the front end of your amp with just the right amount of push…Clean Drive.  If you are looking for that class A saturation…Clean Drive.  This small package packs a punch.  This is not a transparent overdrive, it colors your tone in such a great way.  This pedal is so versatile it makes you want to play.  Whether you want to set it and forget it, making it part of your signature tone, class A style boost with sparkle or use it to drive a rig into singing sustain…CLEAN DRIVE!  
Every Shin’s Music Tokyo pedal is meticulously crafted from hand selected components.   Each component is sorted for tolerance and used specifically for its merits. When you purchase a Shin’s Music Tokyo product, rest assured you are getting Suzuki Shin’s attention to detail and years of experience in every box. All Shin’s Music products are uniquely created and built in his Tokyo shop. From hand wired boars to tolexed coverings, every aspect is touch by Shin himself.

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