Shin's Music Mighty Boost

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Shin’s Music Releases MIGHTY BOOST.

This is the very first Shin's mass production pedal with a lower price for a wide range of musicians from beginners to Professionals.
As a booster, it has a powerful boost despite being very natural and without any tone coloring. Presence controls can be boosted or cut, Get the sound you want from Hi-Fi sharp sound to Lo-Fi ultra-thickness sound.

The low impedance design of the output allows it to be used as a buffer too. The Boost knob acts as a Buffer Amp at the 0 position, in addition to being a natural Buffer, the presence can be controlled, making it a very high-performance Buffer of a type that has never been seen in the market. Notably, the sound character can be maintained when using Vintage Pedals. Especially like Germanium transistors Fuzz and Wah pedal, Mighty Boost can be connected to the first stage of the pedalboard as a buffer without any concern of sound changes.

Mini size as Pedalboard friendly, manufacturing is done in the USA by Dunlop Mfg, although it is still a Japanese brand.

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