ThorpyFX Pulse Doppler analog phaser

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Attention to detail is never more important than when the details are potentially deadly. Adrian Thorpe came to the world of fx-pedals with a discipline to the craft of electronics deeply reflective of his pertinent training and practice in the British Army. Since then, his creative endeavors in pedal circuitry have delivered a very well received product assortment where no box is left unchecked in the pursuit of his sonic interpretations. Together with his wife, Georgia, Thorpy FX has created a global appeal based on immediately appreciable quality, backed by unique aesthetic experience. With the inclusion of Adrian’s longtime friend, Dan Coggins, (formerly of Lovetone) to the team, an exciting new era of mind-bendingly awesome sounds is in range ahead. Thorpy FX is located in Northamptonshire, England

The NEW Thorpy Pulse Doppler Analog Phaser is the latest and greatest from Thorpy. Combining their attention to detail with a true analog phaser resulting in a phaser that will rival any other analog phaser!!


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