Tungstem Amps Mosaic MkII Tweed

Sale price$1,395.00


Everything you love about the Mosaic 8 in a larger cabinet with the Tungsten Alnico T12Q speaker and a Tone control. Like the standard Mosaic, the MKII can use either the 5Y3GT/6V6GT pairing or the GZ34/6L6GC depending on your desired wattage and tonal preferences (5W vs 9W, respectively). The preamp can accept all common 9-pin 12A_7 types. This amp is a tube rollers delight, great for home recording and small gigs. It’s also a secret weapon for laying down some bass tracks.

All new Mosaic MKII amps feature a negative feedback bypass switch for more flexibility.


Dimensions: 20”W x 16.5”T x 8.5”D

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