Union Tube & Transistor C-Verb

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These are now ready to ship. We’ll get the photo updated pronto. The price is in USD and includes tax and shipping in North America (add $50 for international shipping). Initial run will be less than 50 pieces.

Union Tube & Transistor’s first foray into digital is a reverb with two engines. The knob on the right blends in what you might think of as a large reverb that gets into almost infinite territory as you max out. The knob on the left is a reverse modulated reverb. The centre knob is a pitch for the reverse modulated which at noon does not change the sound but goes down (to the left) or up (to the right). These units do not have badges (or boxes and bandanas) like our deluxe versions but are silkscreened and come in cardboard box much like our bean counter versions. There is no plan at this time to do a deluxe version.

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