Universal Audio BRIGADE Chorus & Vibrato Pedal

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Conceived from the award-winning Astra Modulation Machine, Universal Audio BRIGADE Chorus & Vibrato Pedal gives you the warm analog modulation effects of the Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and the fat tone of its iconic preamp, in a compact Stompbox.
Explore Rich Bucket-BRIGADE Chorus Effects
Gently enhance or excite your tones and paint sounds with the milkshake-thick chorus, thanks to a complete emulation of the original analog bucket-BRIGADE design made famous by everyone from Rush and The Cure to Herbie Hancock and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Add Texture and Shimmer with Vibrato
From sea-sick to subtle, get warm modulation effects and transform your guitar parts into ear-catching gems, from faux rotating speaker effects to gentle detuning.
Get Fat Analog Boost Tones
By perfectly capturing the vintage CE-1's coveted analog preamp, you'll add volume and texture to not just your modulation effects, but to your overall tone, for more sustain and punch.
Old School Cool, in a Compact Stompbox
Built for years of hassle-free performance, BRIGADE Chorus & Vibrato feature true and buffer bypass and preamp off and on switches, plus all the analog magic of the vintage effect - in a slick, compact pedal.

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