Valco KGB Loop

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The KGB Loop is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ pedal that lets you add Valco’s unique input impedance control, line input capability, and wet/dry blend fader to any effect pedal of your choice.

The external pedal’s input is connected to the KGB Loop’s “LP SEND” jack and its output to the “LP RTN” jack.

The KGB Series is designed specifically to work with K (keys, synths), G (guitar), and B (bass). The Variable Input Impedance works best with passive instruments (guitar / bass) and allows tone-sculpting with or without the LOOP circuit engaged.

The footswitch provides a true bypass function that offers two operating modes, controlled by the “Bypass Mode” switch. 

In Mode A, the footswitch alternates between full bypass and the complete KGB Loop signal chain in including an external pedal. In this mode, please ensure the external pedal is switched on.

This allows the complete bypass of the KGB Loop and the external pedal with just the KGB Loop’s switch. This is great for use with older ‘tone suck’ pedals (older Fuzz Faces, early Big Muff’s, etc).

In Mode B, the footswitch alternates between the external pedal alone and the external pedal with KGB Loop features added around it.  

This allows the external pedal to be fully used as normal. 

To achieve full bypass in Mode B, the external pedal’s on/off footswitch must be used.


Variable input-impedance selection, stepped from 10k to 1M

• Boost/Attenuation (from -6dB to +24dB)

• Blend dist/dry mix fader

•Polarity Reverse Switch 0/180- reverses the Dry audio signal polarity to be used in conjunction with the BLEND function. 180 setting allows for some frequency cancellation between the DRY and LOOP signals, and is used for alternative/varying Blended tones.

• Phase Reversal (0/180 phase reverse of the FX loop circuit for increased tonal options)

• Line/Inst level selector (use with line level signals (synths, mixer aux sends, etc) or instrument levels (guitar, bass))

• Dual bypass modes (A and B)


  • 1/4” Input
  • 1/4” Output
  • 1/4” Loop Send and Return

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