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  2. Unearth the Walrus Audio Silt Harmonic Fuzz, a collaborative creation with tube expert Jim Hagerman. Wielding an internal pre-amp tube, the Silt is a two-in-one fuzz that creates massively rich fuzz tones perfect for chords and rhythmic parts or with the press of a switch, adds uniquely harmonic overtones to the signal before hitting the tube. Crafted specifically for those seeking a harmonically rich fuzz experience, the Silt boasts an analog circuit with the distinctive warmth of a 12AU7 tube as its drive section, letting you explore a unique and wild sonic landscape.Main Features:1. 12AU7 Tube DriveThe Silt's 12AU7 tube section drives the warm, bone-rattling fuzz. We unearthed this sonic fossil to encase your sound in an amber warmth, while still providing the grit, growl, and harmonically complex textures that only a tube-driven fuzz can provide.2. Harmonic ModeHarmonic Mode acts as a frequency doubler before the drive section of the pedal. This produces crispy, octave-like sounds, lending a unique edge to your lead tones. Try this with your guitar tone knob rolled off. 3. Contour Control for Precision Tone SculptingRefine your fuzz tones with the precision of the Contour control to achieve a wide spectrum of timbres. Toggle between highpass, flat, and lowpass curves in the pre-tube EQ stage, like uncovering layers of sonic strata. Especially helpful when switching between different styles of pickups. Whether you're chasing searing leads or wooley rhythm, the Silt adapts to your style with roaring precision.4. Designed for Operation at 9v-12v for Plenty of GainSupercharge your fuzz experience by operating the Silt anywhere between 9v and 12v. Running the pedal at 12v will give you an extra gain boost, letting you push the primal boundaries of fuzz to deliver the searing tones you’ve been searching for.5. True Bypass Circuit
  3. Maintain the integrity of your original tone with the relay bypass circuit. When disengaged, the Silt ensures your signal remains pure, allowing your guitar's natural voice to shine through undisturbed.Controls:Volume:Control the output volume level of the pedal.Tone:Sculpt your output tone with a lowpass/highpass tilt tone control.Gain:Control the input gain into the fuzz circuit, from subtle, distortion-like crunch to full-throttle fuzz.Contour:Toggle between highpass, flat, and lowpass curves in the pre-tube EQ stage.Bypass Switch:Enable or disable the effect with the relay bypass switch, preserving your original signal when the Silt is not in use.Harmonic Switch:Activate or deactivate the frequency doubler circuit before the clipping stages, infusing your sounds with octave-like textures for a unique sonic edge.Connectivity:Input Jack: 1/4” cable input.Output Jack: 1/4” cable output to your amplifier.Power Jack: Accepts 9v to 12v, Center Negative, with a minimum current of 300mA.

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