Way Huge Geisha Drive WM32

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The Way Huge Smalls Geisha Drive creates a wide range of dynamic, touch sensitive tones that can be dialed in from overdrive to distortion territory by adjusting your guitar’s volume knob. This pedal’s simple circuit allows the personality of you and your guitar to shine through. On the outside is a straightforward three-knob control setup. But they conjure up gritty, grinding tones that are as potent as they are versatile, and are shaped by the intensity of your attack and the volume of your guitar. At low Drive settings, you'll get a warm, buttery goodness with a bit of velvet around the edges. Midways gets you

thick, tubey overdrive. Start cranking that Drive knob towards the end of the range, and

you'll have gnarly thunder-and-lightning distortion. Use the Tone knob to brighten it up

or mellow it out, and get as loud as you want to be with the Volume knob. Works well

with an absolute clean amp or already overdriven amp on the edge!

The Way Huge Smalls Geisha Drive is a special limited edition offering featuring colorful

artwork with Japanese katakana writing.

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