Wes Lambe Charlie Hunter-style hybrid 7-string dual output

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Wes Lambe Charlie Hunter-style hybrid 7-string dual output
Here’s a unique and gorgeous 335-style dual-output instrument from Wes Lambe.  Here’s what Wes has to say about this at wlguitars dot com 
“My stereo 7 string guitars are made so you can be a bassist and guitarist at the same time. Each side has a separate circuit with separate outputs. It is best to split the two frequency ranges so that the bass does not take up the full range of the speaker and muddy things up.
My 7 strings are 29" (bass scale) and 25" guitar scale with a 2" nut width. I experimented with many different combinations of scales  and widths, and found these to be the most comfortable to play for extended periods of time, with the best possible tone, and excellent intonation. I designed my stereo 7 string guitars from my own experience playing and performing with the instrument. “
This guitar is in excellent shape.  It can be tuned in a variety of ways.  For simplicity, it is currently tuned EAD in the bass (the lowest three strings of a bass guitar) and DGBE (the highest four strings of an electric guitar).
Charlie Hunter tunes these with the middle four strings of the guitar, and then tunes the whole thing up a minor third.  So you end up with GCF CFBbD.  The current bass strings can easily go up to the GCF.
It’s beautifully constructed and a special opportunity.  Reach out with any questions.

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