Martin Ned Steinberger Trans Action DCRNS 20 10 or 100 made!

Sale price$4,000.00


Rare Martin D-28 DCRNS w shredding Steinberger neck

Extremely rare Martin here… With one of the greatest innovations in acoustic guitars built in — the Steinberger TransAction adjustable neck.

This neck literally allows you to adjust the string height off the neck — on the fly!  You don’t have to tune down to change the string action.  Just spin the wheel one way, the strings go higher.   Spin it the other way, the strings get lower.

It might be the most “shredder friendly” Martin ever.  And rare too!  It is #10 of 100 — but supposedly only about 40 were made.

We have no idea why this idea didn’t catch on..  It’s amazing.

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